Artist Statement

I am an abstract mixed media artist. I paint because it’s an emotional outlet for me; I’ve always found myself looking for ways to “get stuff out”. Doing art gives me that freedom to emotionally make a mess, pick the pieces back up and turn my “mess” into something beautiful. My work usually starts with my deciding what colors I want to use, I may have no other direction (other than a found object I may or may not end up using) I always start with color, even if it’s just one.

Over the past few years my work has evolved from making paper & sculptural mobiles into me painting more and more, while painting used to be something I did as a part of my process now it is all I do. I eat sleep and breathe painting, (my poor family!)

I've always been trying to create this environment with my art and I feel myself getting more comfortable with my painting. I’m seeing in my work that it is possible to create that environment in a 2 dimensional way. Moving forward from here I love to try combining my painting more with my first love of kinetic art, to create an environment of floating paintings, a true blend between 2d & 3d. I want a person to feel like they've walked into my imagination, or my world. Because I constantly look at everything how it relates to canvas.